Price: WFS appointment an ’embarrassment’

I’m wondering, did you check this story before you put it on your website (“Essex named to climate change post,” Dec. 8)? (I reviewed the) World Federation of Scientists climatology web page with the ‘details’ of the panel that Chris Essex now chairs as well as, by contrast, their panel on Mad Cow Disease.

In general, it looks like most of their website hasn’t been touched in a decade or so. The general impression is that organization is entirely moribund – and that’s on display, for everyone to see.

Is Western really the kind of place that wants to make a big deal of an association like this? I have a great deal of respect for many colleagues at Western; you have one of the finest departments in the world, in my field. I would hate to see them embarrassed, when this goes viral.

Huw Price
Bertrand Russell Professor of Philosophy
Faculty of Philosophy, University of Cambridge