Small: Look beyond lies-by-omission

Thanks for the article on Western professor David Heap’s efforts (“The man who won’t go away,” Nov. 24). However, one omission is troubling.

Michael Ross says Heap’s quest is “anything but dangerous” without mention of the nine killed by the Israel Defense Forces on the Mavi Marmara. Vicious lies-by-omission characterize the media narrative of this conflict; some can be found in Heinz Klatt’s column in the same issue of the Western News (“Occupy movement may be most vapid of all,” Nov. 24).

People who expose these lies-by-omission, such as Noam Chomsky (professor emeritus, Massachusetts Institute for Technology) are called anti-Semites, even if they are Jewish themselves. How can the mainstream media promote the blatant lie that good Jews and good Arabs are natural enemies and always will be, while claiming to be on the side of peace?
Darcy P. Small
PhD candidate, Chemical and Biochemical Engineering