Noon: Up and running

Good morning, all … and, yes, it really is a good morning.

My car decided to wreak havoc with me on this fine Canadian winter day and, unbeknownst to me, auto-lock all four of my car doors. I love my PT Cruiser, but not when it operates with a mind of its own and locks me out. After I cleaned off my driver’s side wiper blade area, and went to retrieve my purse and work bag, the door lock/handle would not budge.

As Parking Services offers a complimentary ‘battery boost or door-unlock service,’ I walked over to the Parking Services office and spoke with the very helpful lady at the counter who went into the back area to find the chap named ‘Tom’ who was on service duty. He came out, introduced himself, and said he’d meet me right away at my car in the parking lot. He then successfully ‘broke into’ it and I was able to re-start my work day with a happy and ‘free’ outcome.

Many times things happen that are out of our control and we have to scramble for a Plan A and Plan B. Parking Services was my Plan A and CAA my Plan B. I just wanted to thank all the parties involved from Parking Services for the A-1 service.

You made my day.

Melanie Noon
Accounting Assistant, Travel Desk