17 photos for your university graduation day

Crossing the stage is a total blur – remember to shake the right hands, try not to trip. You’ve been on campus every day for so long and now you are saying goodbye for a little while (but not for keeps). You’ll be back for Homecoming and reunions, but this is your last stop as a student and one of the important days of your life.

Don’t forget to take that one most important photo before you head out into the world as a newly minted alumni.

In front of an epic wooden doorway.

Thames Hall 〰 #convocation2016 🎓

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At your residence (it’s your second home forever).

Where it all began #WesternU2013 #medsyd #convocation #grad2013

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Your faculty or program, of course.


On a set of stairs.


With all your friends.


With beautiful stone buildings.

✌🏼️out London, you won't be missed

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Backwards (show off your Convocation colours).

Graduation!! #westernu #degreebaby #graduate #100happydays #day62

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Alums #grad #westernu #westernu2013 #uwo #bff

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With your family.

My dad is graduating today! #daduation #purpleandproud

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Middlesex College, obviously.


University College a.k.a. On the Hill.


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With the Alumni Hall sign (a must for Convocation Day).

Would not be a nurse without the support of my #parents #WesternU2013. #family

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In front of this version of the university crest.


In the Beryl Ivey Garden.

Yay! I graduated hehe #old #grad #university #westernu2013

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In that giant post-Convo crowd outside of Alumni Hall.

Graduation day! Cole renwick Ivey

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Look mama 🎓

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Definitely, definitely, get your jump on. You did it.

This is how I felt on the inside! 🎓 (#WesternU2013 #graduation #started)

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