Percussion recital Friday night

Londoners will have the opportunity of hearing a rare treat Friday night – a percussion recital that mixes music from Brazil and Africa through marimbas, snare drums and a bit of jazz.

James Toner and David Laidlaw will be joined by fellow percussionists Eric Froats, Kyle Nurse, Jonathan Thornton and Justin Wiley for the 7:30 p.m. performance at the Don Wright Faculty of Music (Room 104).

The first piece, Not Sure Yet, pulls in cans, buckets and kazoos to beat out funky Brazilian and African rhythms with snippets of O Canada tossed in; Jingo, an African call-and-response song, will get a Cuban touch; and  A gamalan-inspired marimba quartet creates new colours for Debussy’s Day at the Fair.


This and more will be featured at the free concert.