PMA reaches tentative agreement

Members of Western’s Professional and Managerial Association (PMA), which bargains on behalf of about 900 managers and professional-rated employees, have ratified a new 18-month agreement with the university.


The agreement will not come into effect until passed by the Board of Governors. The next board meeting is June 23.


The tentative agreement will be reviewed by the Senior Operations committee of the Board of Governors, which will make a recommendation to the board’s next meeting, says Malcolm Ruddock, Director of Employee and Advancement Communications.


PMA members voted 94 per cent in favour of the new contract, which will provide a 1.5-per-cent salary increase. Further details will not be made available until after the board considers the agreement.

PMA president Hallie McClelland says she’s pleased with the strong member response.


“We feel it was a fair and equitable contract and we are hopeful and anticipate the Board of Governors will approve the contract,” says McClelland.


Eileen Grainger and Dawn Munday, co-chairs of the PMA negotiations committee, say they were pleased with the process.


“We approached negotiations from an interest-based position,” says Grainger. “We knew what the university was facing and what it was our members wanted. We’re happy with how negotiations went.”