Hull: Tower inspired lifelong learning

With regard to the well-known Western Tower logo, your article (“Western exploring its ‘story’ with community,” July 29) states: “(Kevin) Goldthorp admits deeply held attachments to the iconic image, but says the university would be neglecting its duty not to consider a replacement.”

When I arrived at Western as a freshman, a good many years ago now, I was taken on a tour of the campus with my fellow frosh. The unfinished tower on University College was pointed out to us with the explanation that the tower was purposely left unfinished because it symbolized the idea that one never finishes learning. I thought at the time that this was a wonderful and unique symbol for a university to have.

The years that have followed have proved how true the explanation was.
I do hope that Western will not consider a replacement. As one of Canada’s oldest and most prestigious universities, we need to preserve our interesting and historical elements.

Municent Hull