Law: Student grows tired of labour strife

For the 50 librarians on strike, they are causing thousands of problems for students and normal working people who travel along Western Road (“Librarians, archivists take to picket lines,” Sept. 15). This nuisance has got to stop and an agreement must be made.

As a student of The University of Western Ontario, I am ashamed to say, that within the three years I have been at school, there have been three strikes or threats of strikes that have disrupted my learning experience.

If this doesn’t stop, Western’s reputation will be dramatically affected … negatively. The 51 librarians who are on strike must reach an agreement immediately. This has been frustrating and facetious.

Unions were created for fair and safe working conditions due to mistreatment of managers and owners. Today, unions are ineffectual and inadequate because they do not support the workers, but only the few people who run the union and are making the profit out of the people who have been put out of work.

I really hope Western is smart enough to make a deal with the annoying and disruptive University of Western Ontario Faculty Association-Librarian and Archivists quickly because the student population (which supersedes the librarian population) is quite frustrated and annoyed.


Elliot Law, third year, Green Process Engineering