Lindberg: Encouraging a bit of bus courtesy

I take the No. 13 Wellington bus daily to work downtown. This route takes many students to the Western campus for their classes and, as a result, it’s particularly crowded.

The front seats of the bus, which are meant for the handicapped and elderly, are often occupied by students or other commuters. On several occasions since the start of school, there has been a handicapped person riding the bus and on too many occasions she has had to ask people to move so she can sit down.

Today, a very frail elderly woman was left standing, clutching her cane while several young people sat ignoring her. Sometimes commuters are focused on their electronic devices, but that’s not always the case. Unfortunately, this has happened on several occasions.

We should not put the handicapped or elderly in a position where they have to assert themselves for seating. Please remember to be considerate and move.


Barbara Lindberg