Hassan: Demands for Canadian action on detainment

We support Tahrir (Arabic word for ‘freedom’), The Canadian Boat to Gaza’s mission, and call on the Canadian government to protect the Canadians, including David Heap, University of Western Ontario professor, who were on board Tahrir.

Professor Heap has courageously stood by his principles in his advocacy for peace and justice in the Middle East.

Standing up against injustice and taking a principled position are qualities which we should admire in professors who teach in universities across Canada. We are proud to support Heap, a member of our community and ask that his rights be protected.

Israel should be held accountable to respect international law and restrain itself from the use of force.

It is Canada’s obligation to ensure the safety of its own citizens who were on board the Tahrir

and have been detained by Israeli authorities.

The boat was bringing badly needed medical supplies to Gazans who have been subject to an

Israeli blockade that has been condemned by the international community.

Jamelie Hassan, Recipient of Governor General’s Award in Visual Arts

Ron Benner, Western adjunct professor, visual arts