Amery: Questioning cited ‘mainstream’ credentials

I congratulate Jason Winders on the balanced article he wrote about professor David Heap and his unwavering commitment to display solidarity with oppressed people everywhere (“The man who won’t go away,” Nov. 24). But I was extremely annoyed by the Western News‘ front page of insulting invectives and slogans against professor Heap, and by describing such childish behavior as coming from mainstream media.

I have never considered Sun Media, and especially the National Post, as mainstream media since both are no more than extreme right wing instruments of agitation and misinformation.

If, by displaying a strong sense of social conscience, one becomes a target for insults and harassment by a bigoted fringe of lunatics and mouthpieces for a foreign country, then maybe many more of us should display such unrestrained social conscience and become more human in words and deeds. In the end, it is not the lunatic fringe at Sun Media and the National Post in their safe and cozy cubicles who would make a difference, but the David Heaps of our society who continue to brave danger, brutality and frustration in the service of the higher values of humanity.

Mohamed H. Amery