Awards empower Africa-based research

Nine Western research projects, all with eyes on Africa, will be able to explore their ideas across the continent thanks to funding from The Africa Institute at Western.

The 2012 Africa Institute Student Mobility Funding is awarded to meritorious undergraduate and graduate student projects that will be undertaken in Africa. The award supports students who plan to carry out activities in Africa with a research focus that benefits the student’s academic plan.

Political Science professor Joanna R. Quinn, The Africa Institute director, announced the awards on Wednesday. The funded projects include:

  • Blake Barkley, undergraduate student, International Relations/Anthropology ($2,500), Western Heads East Internship;
  • Riley Dillon, Ph.D. student, Geography ($500), Gender and Remittances to Zimbabwe;
  • Megan Enos, masters student, Microbiology and Immunology ($2,500), The Effect of Undernutrition on the Human Microbiota;
  • Kate Grantham, Ph.D. student, Women’s Studies and Feminist Research ($2,500), Assessing the Potential for a Positive Relationship Between Women`s Empowerment, Micro-enterprise, and Community Development in Tanzania;
  • Megan Lowthers, Ph.D. student, Anthropology ($2,500), A Feminist Anthropological Study of Migration and Sex Work at Kenya’s Cut Flower Industry;
  • John Bosco Mayiga, Ph.D. student, Media Studies ($2,500), Rethinking the Resource Curse: Informational Capitalism and the Oil Economy in Uganda;
  • Dina Najjar, Ph.D. student, Anthropology ($1,000), Women and Access to Land in Egypt’s New Lands;
  • Bethany Oeming, medical student, Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry ($2,500), Utility of Rapid Antigen Detection Tests and Clinical Scores in Arusha, Tanzania;
  • Candie Thomas, Ph.D. student, Anthropology ($2,500), Archaeological Ethnography of Pottery Production, Use and Meaning in the Mnweni Valley, South Africa.