Board of Governors approves new Strategic Plan

Board of Governors approves new Strategic Plan

Western’s Board of Governors approved the university’s new strategic plan, Achieving Excellence on the World Stage, at its regular meeting Thursday. Approved by the university Senate on Jan. 24, the new plan was informed by hundreds of written and oral submissions from faculty, staff, students, alumni and community partners.

Krishnapillai: Teaching Fellows are a great first step, but more can be done

The University Students’ Council (USC) at Western is the largest and most comprehensive student government in Canada. As the leading undergraduate organization on campus, our mandate is three-fold: to advocate on students’ behalf for the best possible undergraduate experience; to provide social programming; and to offer a vast array of services and operations important to students at Western.

Desjardins: Exploring the controversial implications of climate change

I arrived at Western nearly five years ago, and for the first time, I feel like we might have a real winter – temperatures well below zero and snow that stays firm for more than two days. I personally like this weather, but judging from the comments on the streets, from the pipes that freeze in some buildings and the astronomical number of too-cold-to-operate days that schools have had in the last three weeks, something tells me we live on the edge of what people have experienced in this region.

‘It was 50 years ago today’: Sullivan, Beatles strike early chords of rock mythology

Feb. 9, 1964 was a momentous occasion in our cultural history. That night cemented television’s important role in the creation of what we now look back on as ‘the Sixties,’ a time of great social turmoil and change that continues to resonate 50 years later. And, oh yes, that was the night the Beatles made their first U.S. appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show, the most important and influential American television variety program.