An open letter from Western benefactors, alumni and friends

We, benefactors, alumni and friends of Western, care deeply about this University.

But for weeks now, we have watched as the controversy surrounding Western President Amit Chakma’s pay threatens to tarnish the reputation of this great institution. We are disappointed and concerned this controversy has distracted from Western’s focus on achieving excellence on the world stage.

Today, we respectfully ask that it stop.

A vote of non-confidence is not only unnecessary, but reckless and divisive. We ask members of the university Senate to vote against the motions of non-confidence facing it Friday and embrace the president’s call to move forward as a united university.

We call on like-minded faculty, staff and students – and especially on like-minded alumni, benefactors and friends – to stand up, speak out and get behind this president and board chair.

We have had the pleasure of seeing first-hand as President Chakma’s vision and ideas have taken hold. But these accomplishments can only be built upon when faculty, staff, students and alumni are working together.

We fully endorse the leadership demonstrated by President Chakma and Western’s Board of Governors. We have the right people, for the right time.

It’s time again to reaffirm our place among the world’s best universities.


Mitchell Baran, HBA’59, LLD’11, C.M.

Geoff Beattie, LLB’84

Andrew Chisholm, MBA’85

Jack Cowin, BA’64, LLD’00

Sharon Cowin, BA’64

Stephen R. Coxford, LLB’77

Aubrey Dan, BMOS’85

Perry N. Dellelce, BA’85

Ann Fleming, BScN’66

Libby Fowler, BA’62, LLD’99

Richard M. Ivey, HBA’47,LLD’79, C.C.

Richard W. Ivey, HBA ‘72, LLD’13

Rosamond A. Ivey, HBA’82

Donald K. Johnson, MBA’63, LLD’07, O.C.

Arkadi Kuhlmann, HBA’71, MBA’72, LLD’10

Anthony Little, BA’63

Betsy Little, BA’76

Marg MacLean, BA’83

David McCann, BA’82, MBA’86

Kelly Meighen, BA’71, LLD’13

Pierre L. Morrissette, MBA’72, LLD’10

Dr. Cecil Rorabeck, MD’68, DSc’09, O.C.

Larry J. Rosen, LLB/MBA’82

Joseph C. Shlesinger, MBA’86

Angie Stiller

Dr. Calvin Stiller, DSc’07, O.C.

John M. Thompson, BESc’66, LLD’94, O.C.