Letter: Looking for moderate voices

Rehab Nazzal ignores the fact that heightened Israeli-Palestinian tensions are the result of Palestinian gun, knife and vehicle attacks that have killed 25 Israelis and wounded more than 250 since October (Sniper’s bullet raises question for PhD student, Jan. 7). Nazzal has also failed to adequately explain why her 2014 photo exhibit explicitly honoured a number of notorious Palestinian terrorists. This included Nazzal’s brother, Khaled Nazzal, who was a lead member of a terrorist organization that committed various attacks against Israeli civilians, including a 1974 school massacre that claimed the lives of 22 teens.

Most Canadians – according to public opinion polls for decades – recognize that Israelis desire a negotiated peace that provides a secure future for both Israelis and Palestinians. Terrorism is the primary obstacle to that peace, and Nazzal does the average Palestinian a great disservice by ignoring Palestinian violence and commemorating those responsible for the murder of children.

It’s time we heard from moderate voices working to promote a peace that benefits both peoples, rather than fringe activists looking to stage the next anti-Israel photo op.

 Rebecca Starkman