Grad embraces her full experience at Western

Bingxin Jillian Yang
Age: 23
Faculty: Don Wright Faculty of Music
Specialization: Honors in Orchestral Performance

Bingxin Jillian Yang came to Western for the beautiful campus, amazing programs and, above all, for the best student experience. She wasn’t disappointed come O-Week.

“I had never experienced something like that before – it was definitely my most memorable moment.”

Yang also joined a number of clubs where she got to meet new people outside of her music program. Her biggest challenges throughout her undergraduate degree were figuring out what she really wanted to do most – between music and finance – balancing academics, extracurricular activities, numerous performances and a part time job.

This summer, the violinist will join 100 other students selected to participate in the esteemed National Youth Orchestra of Canada and will partake in its 150th anniversary cross-country tour.

“I think differently than most people. I approach problems with an open mindset and combine logic and emotions when making decisions. I usually give myself strict goals and the steps in which to accomplish them. I follow my heart in the path I am walking on.”