Statement on anticipated Broughdale gathering

Western issued the following statement today in response to an anticipated weekend gathering on Broughdale Avenue.

*   *   *

Western administration is aware of an unsanctioned street party that is planned for Sept. 30 on Broughdale Avenue. This event is in no way affiliated with Western or Western’s Homecoming. Western strongly advises that students do not attend this event on Broughdale.

London Police Service (LPS) issued a statement today clearly stating that they intend to maintain public safety. The statement says: “LPS will take a strict but fair enforcement approach on Broughdale Avenue and the surrounding area. Police are urging people to avoid the area and those who had planned on attending to make alternate plans.”

Western shares police concerns. Keeping our students safe is of paramount importance to the University. Large crowds that have attended Broughdale in recent years have resulted in incidents of students being seriously injured. Emergency vehicles, including ambulances, have been prevented from reaching those in need because of the size of the crowd blocking Broughdale. Those planning to attend this unsanctioned event are taking considerable safety risks.

Western students are members of the London community and as such are governed by the same laws and regulations as other citizens. An event such as this runs the risk of violating the Criminal Code, and in such circumstances, participants risk possible criminal charges or other sanctions. Should someone be injured, there is also the potential for civil action to be brought against individuals participating.

Western’s Code of Student Conduct can apply to certain off-campus behaviour and Western is prepared to review any incidents arising from this event to determine whether to pursue sanctions under the Code.

University is a time of learning, including what it means to be a good citizen in a community. Taking part in an event which may constitute blocking a public road and jeopardizing safety is totally contrary to what is expected of Western students.

We strongly advise students to refrain from attending the Broughdale event. Those taking part in this unsanctioned event bear full personal responsibility for their actions.

Amit Chakma
President & Vice-Chancellor
Western University