Students take ‘Action!’ in NSERC contest

Postsecondary students across the country, including two from Western, are getting out of the labs and behind the camera for the annual Science, Action! initiative, sponsored by the National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), to highlight how research improves our daily lives.

Western videos include:

Making plastics disappear
Rebecca Yardley

Rebecca Yardley, an NSERC-funded Chemistry PhD student, is currently completing her research on self-imolative, degradable polymers under the supervision of Chemistry professor Elizabeth Gillies.

Black Beauty
Fengke Cao

Fengke Cao, a second-year Geology and Planetary Science PhD. Candidate, first got the chance to study Mars-related science seven years ago as an undergraduate in China. Today, his work explores different methods to study the mineralogy and shock features of Marian regolith breccia meteorites in Canada.