Avoiding hagfish slime nightmares

Read. Watch. Listen. introduces you to the personal side of our faculty, staff and alumni. Participants are asked to answer three simple questions about their reading, viewing and listening habits – what one book or newspaper/magazine article is grabbing your attention; what one movie or television show has caught your eye; and what album/song, podcast or radio show are you lending an ear to.

Nicole Bullbrook Viragos is an Alumni Engagement Officer in Alumni Relations and Development.

Today, she takes a turn on Read. Watch. Listen.

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Sign me up for any psychological thriller. Most recently I read Trust Me by Hank Phillippi Ryan. It was tense throughout never knowing which character was lying or telling the truth. I love trying to predict what comes next and never getting it right. Books keep me away from reading articles on eel-like hagfish producing buckets of slime in The Atlantic. Nightmare.


The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. The heroine is a feisty, neglectful mother, who loves beautiful clothes, has a long-suffering father and thinks she is funny. My husband asked me if I was describing myself when I was telling him about the lead character. The sets are sublime and the dresses/coats/hats/gloves/handbags and prison shoes are gorgeous.


Soccer Mommy. Remember Songza? I miss how it would recommend music. I felt like Songza understood me. Now I rely on my favourite Sirius stations to introduce me to new bands – that is how I found Soccer Mommy on Alt Nation. A female singer, great band name and music reminiscent of the 90s. What’s not to love? I downloaded the album Clean after hearing the song Your Dog.

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If you have a suggestion for someone you would like to see in Read. Watch. Listen., or would like to participate yourself, drop a line to inside.western@uwo.ca.