Family came to Canada for a better future

Western remembers lives of four Londoners ­– including a PhD student and her alumnus husband – killed in what police are calling a hate crime.

Beyond 215 hours of mourning: A statement to the community

We all have a role to play in championing and sustaining Indigenization and decolonization


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For Bipasha Baruah, Canada research chair in Global Women’s Issues, a post-pandemic world invites a welcome shift toward public policies that will strengthen social justice, create fairer economies and benefit our physical environment for the future.



Western stories of hope, research, and community during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Research sheds light on the “sounds of the pandemic”

Examination of verbal art performances shows how COVID-19 changed our everyday lives

Expert insights: Reconsider COVID-19 vaccination passports

Researchers encourage public debate about the long-term societal impact of vaccine passports.

Ivey students help non-profits navigate through pandemic challenges

Through the Ivey Community Consulting Project (CCP), Ivey’s HBA students offer pro-bono consulting to non-profit organizations.