Expert insights: The vulnerability of supply chains

The pandemic has revealed that global supply chains are a huge house of cards.

Virtual life lessons

Ivey students gain more than business knowledge from African learning course


Western News Interactive

Prachi Srivastava has been advising on equity-focused policy and planning, including for the G20, as governments consider how to reopen schools, mitigate harm and move beyond first response to recovery. In this video, she shares her insights on the global education crisis that COVID-19 has created and how smart investments can be made for the future.


Tokyo Olympics

Sharing stories and insights as we cheer on Team Canada and Western alumni and athletes.

Team Canada rugby player credits Western years

Conor Trainor shares personal journey from Mustang to Olympian

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Low-fanfare Games will drive focus to athletes’ feats, says Olympic studies expert

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Olympic athletes continue to thrive and break records during the pandemic.