Western astronomers celebrate space, Earth

The University of Western Ontario will host a pair of special events Saturday (Oct. 8) at the London Regional Children’s Museum in celebration of World Space Week and Earth Science Week.

Researchers uncover new hypothesis on crater debris

A team of researchers partnered with the NASA Lunar Science Institute (NLSI) has developed a new hypothesis for the origin of crater ejecta – debris that is launched out of a crater during meteorite impacts.

‘Future of Food’ comes to Western

As part of London Biotech Week 2011, the Pest Genomics and Plant Breeding in Sustainable Agricultural Pest Management Group at The University of Western Ontario, in partnership with TechAlliance, will host the Future of Food: bioCEP3 (Biotechnology, Crops, Education, Policy, Production and Perception).

22 million droids and counting

A free public lecture by Canadian robotics scientist, professor, and inventor Mark W. Tilden is scheduled for tonight (Sept. 7) at Conron Hall beginning at 7:30 p.m.

CFI provides $2.1 million for research

University of Western Ontario researchers Gordon ‘Oz’ Osinski and Bob Linnen were among eight Western researchers working on five projects who recently received more than $2.1 million in CFI funding.

A mission to the Moon… without leaving Earth

Conducting a mission to another planet or moon requires literally thousands of hours of revolutionary research and thought-provoking investigation. An important step in that preparation is to run a mission simulation to test operational, scientific, and technological concepts.

Freezing bugs can be, well, cool

There are many reasons one chooses a career in academics. But for biology professor Brent Sinclair, the main reason is simple. “It’s really cool,” he says. And he should know.

McBean nominated for ICSU post

University of Western Ontario professor Gordon McBean has been nominated for president-elect of the International Council for Science (ICSU).

Faculty of Science names new directors

Western’s Faculty of Science has filled two director positions – Surface Science Western and the Network for Materials, Analytical and Characterization Facilities.

Western astronomer shares discovery of Earth’s first Trojan asteroid

Studying images compiled by NASA, an astronomer from The University of Western Ontario has proved the existence of the first Trojan asteroid found to share Earth’s orbit. The findings of Paul Wiegert and his colleagues at Athabasca University and the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope were published today as the cover story for the July 28 issue of distinguished journal, Nature.

Western hosts conference on science education

The Western Conference on Science Education, a national collaboration on post-secondary issues across disciplines, is coming to The University of Western Ontario July 6-8.

Going to the moon, while staying on Earth

To the uninformed, you would have sworn the group of almost 30 students and graduate students huddled in the close confines of Western’s science building basement labs were part of a real planetary exploration mission.

Keep learning and stay optimistic: Naylor

While a challenging and uncertain time, David Naylor also told graduates it is a period of huge promise that will offer wonderful opportunities and great adventures.

Life is a learning journey: Mathur

Mohan Mathur made it clear to Western’s newest graduates that they are standing at the threshold of an important day in their lives, and whenever possible they should have the courage to lead and not follow.

Western launches new space program

Some students are chastised for having their heads in space. A new training program led by The University of Western Ontario will ensure they are rewarded for it – for thinking about space in new ways, that is.

Canadian astronomers land in London

Astronomers from across the country are gathering in London during the next four days to set the course of Canadian astronomical research for the next decade and celebrate Canada’s role in astronomical and astrophysical research.

Applied Math students catch ‘vertical air’

Three University of Western Ontario undergraduate students have a world-class edge when it comes to designing snowboarding courses. And they have the top prize to prove it.

Western hosts young science enthusiasts

The All Science Challenge will hit the Western campus Thursday for a day-long science competition for nearly 200 Grade 6, 7 and 8 students from more than 15 London-area schools.

Western appoints Dean of Science

The University of Western Ontario has announced the appointment of Charmaine B. Dean as Faculty of Science dean, beginning a five-year term on Aug. 1.