Perth Hall cleans up in recycling challenge

Perth Hall residence is November’s campus champion at keeping recyclables out of the trash.

The monthly recycling audit identified Perth Hall as the clear winner after an inspection of randomly selected garbage bags revealed only five per cent of the contents to be recyclable.

Among the seven buildings audited, the average amount of recyclables uncovered in the trash was 16.7 per cent.

The results for other buildings checked during November included:

Law Building – 10 per cent

Thames Hall – 12.8 per cent

Health Sciences – 17.1 per cent

Alumni Hall – 18.4 per cent

Weldon Library – 18.8 per cent

Ivey School of Business – 27 per cent

This is the third set of monthly results for the campus challenge.

In September the winner was Medical Science at just 2.8 per cent after it squared off against
Talbot College – 4.4 per cent; Support Services – 13 per cent; Delaware Hall – 27.7 per cent; Physics & Astronomy – 28.7 per cent; and Natural Science – 45.4 per cent. The average in the group was 19.7 per cent.

For October the winner was Middlesex College at 7.8 per cent;
followed by North Campus Building – 12.7 per cent; Spencer Engineering – 25.6 per cent; and Elgin Residence – 38.5 per cent. The average was 21.2 per cent.