They will be missed

The month of December is often a time for reflection. We wish to acknowledge the passing over the past year of many members of Western’s extended family of students, staff, faculty and retirees. Each person left a mark within our community and upon our institution.

Edward Wray Elcock, Computer Science
Daisy Stilson, Food Services
Ells Anderson, Plant Sciences
Richard Harshman, Psychology
Jill MacDonald, Human Resources
Jessie Marks, Graphic Services
Barbara Edwardson, Health Sciences
Clara Elizabeth ‘Betty’ Freeborn, Ivey
Adam Grzywnowicz, Physical Plant
R. Jack Roberts, Law
Lieselotte ‘Leona’ Strong, Food Services
Gwenyth Volker, Physics & Astronomy
Mildred Darcey, University Libraries
Peter Forsyth, Physics & Astronomy
John ‘Jack’ Smith, Physical Plant
Alexander Mikalachki, Ivey
James Curtin, Psychiatry
Daniel Pulham, Psychology
Frank O’Shaughnessy, Physical Plant
Philip J. Linden, Education
John Frankovic, Physical Plant
Danny Milton, Engineering
William Rigg, Physical Plant
Carl Leitch, Physical Plant
Vernon Estick, FIMS
Stephan Zalenko, Physical Plant
Anton Sekli, Physical Plant
Marjatta Laakso, Western Libraries
Margaret May, Registrar’s Office
Joseph Washington, Ivey
George Lawson, Education
Arnott Lamond, Campus Police
Anastasia Maiopoulos, Food Services
R. Alan Richardson, History of Medicine and Science
Margaret Robson, Western Libraries
Beverly Carey, Student Health Services
Sarah ‘Sadie’ Koch, Physical Plant
David Ingham, Physical Plant
Tom Jennings, Physical Plant
Dennis Skinner, Dentistry
Berry Wolff, French Department
Gloria Scrivens, Food Services