Western experts sought out for commentary

The update from Yong Kang of Western’s Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry’s Department of Immunology and Microbiology on his HIV/AIDS vaccine, and the announcement that Western is one of four institutions under consideration to build an HIV vaccine manufacturing facility, was carried in the National Post, Globe & Mail, London Free Press, A-News, Rogers First Local, and CKOT and CBC radio stations, as well as in Edmonton Journal, Vancouver Sun, Calgary Herald, Saskatoon Star and Macleans.ca


The Nov. 7 official opening of the new medical building at the University of Windsor for the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry – Windsor Program received three stories in the Windsor Star as well as coverage on radio stations and A-News and CBC-Windsor television stations.



Economics Professor Kul Bhatia remains busy fielding dozens of calls as a recession looms large in Canada and around the world. Bhatia has appeared live nationally on CTV NewsNet and Global National, as well as conducting a number of interviews with CBC Radio, Canwest News Services, London Free Press, A-News, Rogers Television, AM 980 and CJBK, and Telegraph-Journal.  



Global National also spoke with Associate Professor Tim Blackmore from the Faculty of Information and Media Studies as reporter Antony Robart investigated a London-based help group for ‘recovering’ gamers. 


Ivey professor Steve Foerster was interviewed by CTV Newsnet regarding the G20 meeting. Foerster also contributed a column to Globe Investor Magazine offering “10 flawed assumptions about the financial crisis.”Also from Ivey, George Athanassakos’s op-ed on “The inflation-deflation conundrum” was featured in the Globe and Mail while Tony Frost’s “Trade will define Obama” was presented in the National Post. Stations from across the country spoke with Chris Piper as he was the featured expert on CBC Radio Syndication about the failing auto industry.


Michael Poulter of Robarts Research Institute enjoyed a second wave of reports on his suicide brain research including coverage in the Ottawa Citizen, the BBC and the Telegraph in India.



The Minister of Health and Long Term Care, David Caplan, attended the official opening of the Centre for Family Health Clinics which was featured in print and video in the London Free Press and also on Rogers Television.


Dr. David Spence of Robarts Research Institute was in the New York Times talking about Vitamin B12 deficiency and whether it contributes to a number of ailments including the risk of stroke.



The night America chose change and elected Barack Obama as the next President of the United States, CBC Radio One chose Don Abelson, Professor and Chair of Department of Political Science and Director, Centre for American Studies as a studio analyst.



Western’s political experts were also heavily active during the Canadian federal election as Assistant Professor Cameron Anderson’s theoretical “Obama Effect” made the front page of the London Free Press as the media looked for answers to low voter turnout. Anderson opined that “many Canadians were generally dissatisfied with the nature of their leadership options, as compared to the United States, and chose to stay home.”


Associate Professor Cristine de Clercy was an in-studio guest on A-News on election night. 


Globe and Mail, Canadian Press and Canwest News Service explored Greg Zaric’s research on the money-saving aspect of Vancouver’s safe injection site.



When scientists recently released the first-ever images of exoplanets – a planet beyond the Solar System – the Toronto Star turned to Earth Sciences Assistant Professor Gordon Osinski for expert analysis while Physics & Astronomy Associate Professor Peter Brown discussed the findings with Canwest News Services.