Western helps form neuroscience initiative

The Canadian Action and Perception Network (CAPnet), a major neuroscience research initiative, has been established by The University of Western Ontario, York University and Queen’s University.

CAPnet will hold its first full two-day science and business meeting in Toronto, Dec. 2-3 with about 30 neuroscience faculty members, several international advisors, guests from government agencies and private industry, and senior research administrators from Western, Queen’s and York.

Researchers at the three institutions hope to develop a better understand of how the brain works, especially in human movement control and perception, and how disease and injury can disrupt these functions.

CAPnet is a collaborative venture of three established research groups: the York Centre for Vision Research (CVR), the Western-based Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Group for Action and Perception (GAP), and the Queen’s-based CIHR Group for Sensorimotor Integration.

Individually, these three groups represent the top vision research centre, the top cognitive neuroscience group, and the top sensorimotor group in Canada.

Members of the CAPnet steering committee – Doug Crawford (York), Jody Culham (Western), Randy Flanagan (Queen’s), Mel Goodale (Western), Laurence Harris (York), Ravi Menon (Robarts Research Institute at Western), Douglas Munoz (Queen’s), Stephen Scott (Queen’s) and Hugh Wilson (York) – hold numerous national distinctions.