Chams: Global warming, consequences over-exaggerated

Regarding the article Going Rogue: Western professor warns Kyoto pullout could have dire consequences for Canada (Jan. 12):

In recent years, global warming has become an over-exaggerated issue, used by political elites to gain social, political and monetary control over their resident countries. Make no mistake that global warming and pollution levels must be taken seriously, but they must also be dealt with in a practical manner that accounts for today’s reality.

The argument Canada will now be regarded as a “rogue” state and would have faced no penalties had it failed to meet its targets are simply false. In relative terms, Canada’s minuscule population size of 34 million accounts for only 1.8 per cent of the global carbon dioxide emission levels. And, had Canada not pulled out, it would have faced a $13.6 billion fine for failing to meet its unrealistic emission reduction target. This fine would have inevitably been paid for by a so-called ‘carbon tax’ on the Canadian people who have already seen rising food and energy prices throughout the past decade.

Canada realized the unrealistic measures brought upon by Kyoto and made a proper strategic decision in the best interests of fundamental economic principles. Canada can now move forward individually to set its own achievable goals in combating global warming.

Abdul Nasser Chams
Faculty of Science student