Future of domestic and workplace violence

Editor’s Note: On Nov. 15, 2012, Western News celebrated its 40th anniversary with a special edition asking 40 Western researchers to share the 40 THINGS WE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE NEXT 40 YEARS. This is one of those entries. To view the entire anniversary issue, visit the Western News archives.

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In the next 40 years, domestic violence will be a rare occurrence.

Warning signs of violent and abusive relationships will be apparent to friends, family and co-workers. Potential victims will receive support. Potential perpetrators of abuse will be encouraged to get help and think about how their behaviour affects others. Prevention programs in workplaces, colleges, universities and schools will be an integrated part of the environment.

In the next 40 years, schools will be reporting on the quality of healthy relationship among students on dimensions such as respect, responsibility, equity and inclusiveness — the scores on these relationships will be seen as critical as math and English achievement levels.

Peter Jaffe is a Faculty of Education professor who holds cross appointments in the departments of Psychiatry and Psychology.