Huron rolls out strategic plan

The timing couldn’t have been any better for Stephen McClatchie.

The Huron University College principal was only months into his new role, which he started in July 2011, when preparations for the institution’s sesquicentennial were gearing up. Coinciding with that celebration would be a renewal of Huron’s Strategic Plan.

“It was perfect for me, just learning about Huron, to start consulting with our community about where we wanted to go in the next decade,” McClatchie said.

Following a year-long process, one which consulted every corner of its community, Huron rolled out its new strategic plan, Critically Engaged, A Strategic Direction for Huron University College 2013-23, as part of its 149th Founder’s Day activities on Nov. 30.

Perhaps nothing could be more appropriate heading into its 150th year, McClatchie said.

“As we kick-off a year of recognizing our past and celebrating our present, it seems entirely characteristic of Huron that we also ensure that we are building for the future,” he said at the Founder’s Day ceremony. “Huron is, and will continue to be an institution that provides an engaging and challenging experience that gives our students a distinct advantage throughout their entire lives.”

The 10-year plan focuses on five key directions: Focus on student engagement and advantage; emphasize critical thinking; increase public awareness; mobilize alumni support; and safeguard the future. The plan has a “three-year horizon,” where the affiliated college will check its progress on these directions.

Like its offspring across Western Road, which is in the process of its own Strategic Plan renewal, student engagement continues to be a key focus for Huron.

Looking out a decade, McClatchie sees success looking like a “continued and enhanced version of the present.”

“Like we heard from our community, we are doing well,” he said. “We just need to continue with what has worked. We need to provide an enhanced version of the present going forward.”