Police seek suspect in Thursday incident

Western community members are advised at around 10 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 28, a female student walking on University Drive was approached by a man who tried to coerce her into his unmarked car while claiming he was a member of Western’s Foot Patrol Service.

The student was suspicious of this individual and, after asking a few simple questions, determined he was not with the Foot Patrol. The student was then able to leave the scene and report the incident to Campus Community Police Service (CCPS).

A continuing investigation has failed to locate this suspect described as a male, 20-30 years old, with a dark-coloured beard, wearing a dark coat and hat. He was driving an older, poorly maintained, 4-door car, yellow-champagne in colour. Also, the vehicle’s interior lighting was not working when its door was opened.

Community members are advised to contact Campus Police if they have any information regarding this incident, or any other suspicious activity they witness, at 519-661-3300 or ext. 83300. For emergencies always call 911.

Western Foot Patrol promotes safety awareness on campus, deters crime and provides safe escorts on the main and affiliated college campuses.

Western Foot Patrol members can be readily identified by their uniform: dark blue jackets with a reflective ‘Foot Patrol’ in large letters on the back. Patrollers always walk in pairs and are in direct contact with campus police and the foot patrol office via radio at all times.

Foot Patrol Services are only offered to those who have contacted the Foot Patrol office directly. The vehicle assigned to Foot Patrol use is a late model Silver SUV that is clearly marked with a Western branded logo and Foot Patrol markings.

To contact Western’s Foot Patrol service call 519-661-3650, email wfp@uwo.ca or visit the website at www.uwo.ca/footpatrol/services.htm.