Snapshots of a global Western experience

Have you ever wanted to run off to an exotic locale, learn a foreign language, experience a new culture, but couldn’t do so because of school?  Good news: You no longer have to choose between the two.

The Department of Modern Languages and Literatures held its first photo contest as part of the International Week at Western. Through the contest, the department showcased the many great exchange/study abroad opportunities offered to students. During the fall, students in the department were invited to submit one photograph of their experience abroad with one catchy phrase.

Entries came from students who have been abroad in Argentina, Denmark, Cuba, Ukraine and Spain, as well as many other locales; more than 1,000 votes were cast.

The winners were:


First place. Nicola Paviglianiti is a second-year student working on an Honors Specialization in Health Sciences with a minor in Italian Language and Culture. Paviglianiti took the third-year Italian course at the Università di Siena during the summer. She summarizes her experience abroad in the following terms: Exploring the street – Learning happens through the locals you meet.


Second place. Julia Phillips is a fifth-year student working on a double major in English Language and Literature and History, with a minor in German. Phillips is spending the 2013-14 academic year at the University of Tübingen in Germany. The picture is titled, Gemütlichkeit, a German expression referring to a cozy, welcoming, comfortable atmosphere.


Third place. Roberta Lindal is a fourth-year student enrolled in a French Language and Linguistics Honors Specialization, with a minor in Spanish Language and Linguistics. Lindal is currently at the University of Nice for the 2013-14 academic year. Her picture is titled, Roman Arches.

The Department of Modern Languages and Literatures excels at creating links between ideas, cultures, art forms and people – a great preparation for a globalized world. With 10 different languages taught, students are able to immerse themselves and study abroad or earn a practical certificate with just three courses. Through programs in German, Italian and Spanish, students learn to use new languages to discover literature, art, music and film from around the world.

The possibility to study abroad adds a ‘real world’ occasion to interact with other cultures and languages. Get in touch with other cultures, gain a competitive advantage in the career market, learn in a stimulating foreign environment, have fun abroad and earn credits toward your Western degree.

Western offers numerous opportunities for students to indulge and learn abroad through exchange programs and study abroad.  For more information, please visit the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures website, or follow on Facebook at Department of Modern Languages and Literatures- Western University.

Thank you to all the participants for submitting photographs and to all of who voted. Congratulations to the winners.