Western-authored paper named to ‘Best of’ list

A paper authored by Lisa Archibald and Janis Cardy, both Communication Sciences and Disorders professors at Western, and Marc Joanisse and Daniel Ansari, both Psychology professors at Western, was named among the Top 100 most talked-about academic papers of the year, according to The Altmetric 2013 Top 100.

Ranked No. 82, the paper, Language, Reading, and Math Learning Profiles in an Epidemiological Sample of School Age Children, was published in the open-access journal PLOS ONE, which boasted 13 of the Top 100 articles. In fact, 42 of the Top 100 papers were published in open-access journals.

The Altmetric 2013 Top 100 showcases the most popular research articles online published in the past year. Many of the papers received a huge amount of attention because they related to current events, reflected interesting scientific findings, and or were just plain quirky.