Calendar flips the page on better health

For Tammy Defoe, life is all about fitness and wellness. As a certified personal trainer, and Brescia University College student, she looks to share her healthy lifestyle and improve the lives of others with a new self-published calendar.

Defoe said lifestyle-related diseases, such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, mild depression and many cancers, among others, have been on the rise over the past 20 years.

“Many people want to become healthier, more fit and improve their condition(s) and overall wellness, but, struggle with a lack of knowledge, a lack of motivation or a lack of resources to make this a reality,” she said.

The 12-month fitness-and-wellness calendar will give users enough knowledge and virtual motivation to achieve their goals and maintain them for life, Defoe said.

“Exercise is only one component of becoming healthier and fitter and most of the information online doesn’t educate the public on the other important components like nutrition, sleep, stress and social support,” she said, adding she wants individuals to be accountable for their success.

Through the calendar’s tracking system, which includes brief daily self-evaluations, individuals can learn about their life patterns and how what they do – or don’t do – affects their health, fitness level, body weight and overall well-being.

The calendars are available The Book Store at Western.