Marescotti: Documentary a rally cry for the extraordinary

Henry T. McLin

Ordinary people can do extraordinary things. The problem is not lack of capability, but lack of belief in what we can accomplish. Passion and self-belief have driven people to greatness. The researchers in Su Rynard’s new film, SongbirdSOS, share that burning desire. (“AFAR researchers bring songbird plight to CBC,”, March 16.)

The current mentality of ‘not my problem’ will bring us no closer to fixing the issues plaguing the planet.

It’s not that the problems aren’t there; we just may not see them. We are focused on personal fears – theft, health and things that can cause us pain. We are missing the big picture.

I know it is tough to leave the comfortable bubble of our own existence, but tough does not mean impossible.

It only takes unbridled passion to act on a larger scale. Throughout history, individuals have looked beyond themselves and to the future of humanity. If these people can complete greatness in small numbers, I cannot imagine the possibilities as this group grows. This large group action will be what is required for the problems of the future. We may be ordinary, but we must do the extraordinary.

 Luca Marescotti
Fourth-year Biology student