President’s statement on compensation

Dear colleagues and members of the broader Western University community:

My employment contract with Western, executed in 2009, provided for payment in lieu of one year of administrative leave at the end of my five-year term. When I was reappointed, for the sake of continuity, I received payment in lieu of the administrative leave.

Although contractually sanctioned, in hindsight, I should have carried over my administrative leave to the end of my current term.

Today, Western’s Board of Governors retained the Honourable Stephen T. Goudge to conduct an independent and impartial review of my compensation. I am confident that Justice Goudge will complete a full and fair examination and I will wholeheartedly cooperate. I look forward to his findings and intend to abide by his recommendations.

In the interim, as a demonstration of my commitment to Western and to address the concerns that many have expressed, I have decided voluntarily to refund the in lieu payment to the University. I have also decided not to exercise my right under the contract to receive payment in lieu of administrative leave at the end of my second term.

I hope the above actions will allow us to move forward.

Amit Chakma
President & Vice-Chancellor

*   *   *

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