President launches website to chronicle engagement

If you don’t have an opportunity to meet him face to face, Western President Amit Chakma is hoping you’ll meet with him screen to screen.

Launched May 25, the president’s Engaging Our Community website will capture the concerns and issues raised as Chakma continues to meet with colleagues across campus, as well as offers an opportunity for university community members to engage with the president directly. The site is available off the Office of the President website,, or directly at

On April 10, the president outlined to the university Senate a ‘listening tour,’ promising widespread engagement, including faculty-by-faculty town halls, direct consultation with faculty, more regular engagement with staff and employee leadership groups, as well as more connections with students and alumni.

This new website is one of the tools Chakma plans to use to listen to the university community’s views and share information that will help with the development of a progress report the president plans to deliver to the entire Western community at the end of July, Chakma explained via the site.

Highlights of the site include a running list of groups the president has met with; a high-level overview of the feedback the president has received; and option to email the president and join the conversation virtually.