Huron touts community in new ad campaign

Looking to tout its undergraduate research intensity, professor mentorship and the value of a liberal arts education, Huron University College is rolling out a major ad campaign showing the niche that is ‘the Huron experience.”

Huron Principal Stephen McClatchie said following stakeholder engagement – which included alumni roundtables and consultations with faculty, staff and students – the idea of ‘community’ kept surfacing as a common theme.

“What we really want to emphasize is something Huron has been good at for over 150 years, which is the community feel,” McClatchie said.

In speaking with alumni across the country, it became clear the classroom experience was formative and the education received at Huron was the preparation needed to pursue careers in any number of fields, especially entrepreneurial endeavours.

“What’s so important about Huron, and the Huron Experience? It’s that it is a community – not only the chance for students to be challenged academically, but also a chance to become part of something larger than yourself. It’s a chance to grow and to be connected.”

McClatchie said the spark for the new campaign came out of integrated planning the university has been doing over the last year or so, specifically related to its Enrolment Management Plan.

“We did some work, moved our communications office into our university advancement shop, trying to connect all of the communications we do with a whole variety of folks who engage with us at Huron – our alumni community, our potential students, our current students, family and friends. We really wanted to have a common look and feel.”

Huron worked with Waterloo-based Deuce Design to develop the campaign and bring to life the experience and feedback from its current and former students, in an effort to target future students and the broader London community.

Initial ads can already be found in the Toronto area, on numerous bus shelters, as a lead up to the Ontario Universities’ Fair later this month. McClatchie said along with the shelters, Huron will be looking at a few new platforms to get the word out.

“It’s a bit of a departure with some new outlets,” he said. “We’ll be using all of our regular vehicles such as shelters, newspaper ads and magazines, but also through some social media outlets. We are all excited to roll this out.”