Of Space, Time and The Mind


A century ago this month, Albert Einstein achieved his long-sought theory of gravitation, the General Theory of Relativity, by publically debuting it during presentations to the Prussian Academy in November 1915. A seminal text, this paper led to a scientific revolution that forever changed our understanding of the universe.

November 19, 2015

In developing the theory, the famed scientist brought together ideas from mathematics, physics and philosophy to create a remarkable new conception of gravity, space and time. His work is a model of the engagement between philosophy and science and echoes the main mission of those who seek to continue that work today.

To celebrate the achievements of the 20th century’s greatest philosopher-scientist, the Rotman Institute of Philosophy launched Einstein @ Rotman 2015, a year-long program of activities for both scholars and the general public, centred around the successes and enduring mysteries of Einstein’s ideas.

Western News and the Rotman Institute of Philosophy presented a special section, Of Space, Time and The Mind, celebrating the famed thinkers and his landmark discovery: