Grad checks degree off his ‘bucket list’

Timothy Lockwood, BMus’17
Age: 49
Faculty: Music
Specialization: Music Performance

Timothy Lockwood started his degree in the late 1980s. Today, he finally takes finishing it off his bucket list. Lockwood convocates this spring with a Bachelor of Music in Music Performance.

A talented French horn player, Lockwood came to Western because of the music faculty’s reputation, as well as the many opportunities to get practical playing experience. But as he started getting busy as a freelance musician – playing in Toronto, Hamilton, Kitchener and Windsor – he found it difficult to complete his education.

“As I transitioned to part-time studies, and got busier playing professionally, it got harder and harder to finish my courses. My biggest challenge in completing my degree was time. I was trying to fit my course schedule, with my playing schedule, and raise my family.” He said. “I wasn’t sure I’d ever finish my degree, but my good friend Diane Mills, whom I also play with in many orchestras, took a look at my student record, did the math and discovered the program requirements had changed. I actually had enough credits to graduate.

“As Instructor of Horn at the University of Windsor, I have divided loyalties,” he added. “But I received an outstanding education at Western. I’m thrilled I can finally take finishing my degree off my bucket list.”