Pair named among emerging scholars

Two Western professors have been named among the newest members of the Royal Society of Canada’s College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists. Those named to the College represent the emerging generation of scholarly, scientific and artistic leadership in Canada.

Together, the members of the College will address issues of particular concern to new scholars, artists and scientists, for the advancement of understanding and the benefit of society, taking advantage of the interdisciplinary approaches fostered by the establishment of the College.

The College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists, created in 2014, is Canada’s first national system of multidisciplinary recognition for the emerging generation of Canadian intellectual leadership. Up to 100 Members may be elected each year and membership is for seven years.

Western’s newest scholars include:

Laura Huey, Department of Sociology professor, seated

Laura Huey
Department of Sociology

Laura Huey is a leading internationally known researcher in the areas of criminology, policing, surveillance and homelessness. A highly regarded leader of policing research in Canada, she is acknowledged to be an international influence in the field of public security. Huey’s research is praised for its theoretical and methodological rigour and her early work on surveillance is widely regarded as a classic foundation on which research in the field continues to build.

Sharon Sliwinski, Faculty of Information & Media Studies professor, standing

Sharon Sliwinski
Faculty of Information & Media Studies

Sharon Sliwinski is an interdisciplinary scholar whose work forges a bridge between the fields of visual culture, political theory and psychoanalysis. Her scholarship has profoundly shaped the field of photography studies, particularly by illuminating the visual politics of human rights. Sliwinski’s recent work pioneers a novel method for investigating the social imaginary – revealing how dream-life can serve as a potent brand of political intervention and a means for resisting sovereign power.

Western, and its affiliate colleges, now have 14 professors who have been awarded membership in the Royal Society of Canada’s College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists. Other members include:

  • Daniel Ansari, Department of Psychology;
  • Isaac Luginaah, Department of Geography;
  • Valerie Oosterveld, Faculty of Law;
  • Robert Ventresca, Department of History, King’s University College;
  • Bipasha Baruah, Department of Women’s Studies and Feminist Research;
  • Antonio Calcagno, Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, King’s University College;
  • Joanna Quinn, Department of Political Science;
  • Chantelle Richmond, Department of Geography;
  • Claudia Nadine Wathen, Faculty of Information and Media Studies;
  • Anita Kothari, Health Studies;
  • Thy Phu, English and Writing Studies; and
  • Rachel Birnbaum, School of Social Work, King’s University College.