Western rises to the fitness ‘Challenge’

When it comes to ‘stepping’ up its game, Western took that challenge in stride by putting in more than 1.2-billion steps to grab top spot in Canada for the annual Global Challenge.

Each year, for 100 days, hundreds of thousands of employees from around the world compete in teams of seven as the Global Challenge takes them on a journey that will improve both their physical and psychological health.

Western had a total of 162 teams participating in Global Challenge this year, stepping their way to an amazing distance of 825,320 kilometres – losing close to 1,000 pounds along the way.

Not only was Western tops in Canada, but they also finished No. 1 globally in the Education and Training category, as well as taking 33rd overall globally.

Western recently handed out some top honours to the teams and individuals who took part in this year’s Global Challenge. They included:

  • Most Active Team (11,349 kms). Nasty Women & Bad Hombres, Faculty of Arts & Humanities, Gabbi Whitlock, Amanda Green, Ileana Paul, Kaitlyn Pettigrew, Ken Milner, Samantha Brennan and Spencer Summerfield;
  • Most Improved Team (13,008 step average; 34 per cent improvement). Worker Bees, Hospitality Services, Jacqueline Edwardson, Brenda McDonald, Dale Marks, Fleur Lewis, Gale Marks, Robert Edwards and Tracy Rose;
  • Most Improved Individual (11,826 step average; 101 per cent improvement). Brenda McDonald, Hospitality Services; and
  • Most Steps (4,051,471). Guy Schultz, Sports & Recreation Services.

Spirit Award recipients

  • Pedal Power. Guy Schultz, Team Defending Western Champs, Sports & Recreation Services;
  • Bound for Glory. Stephanie Truelove, Team Defending Western Champs, Sports & Recreation Services;
  • Helping Hand. Brett Butchart, Team Walkaholics, Facilities Management;
  • Rally the Troops. Margaret Dow, Team Buns & Guns, Western Continuing Studies;
  • Golden Goggles. Erin Huner, Team Walking on Sunshine, Research Development Services & Ethics;
  • Fancy Feet. Beth Emery, Team SRS Steppers, Student Experience;
  • Leader of the Pack. Richard De Matos, Team Walkaholics, Facilities Management;
  • Live Wire. Christopher Balestrini, Team Bomechies, Faculty of Health Sciences;
  • Never Give Up. Katrina Munro, Team AvoCardios, Western International;
  • Social Butterfly. Chris McCann, Team Walkaholics, Facilities Management;
  • Live It. Breath It. Jody Moon, Team Family Medicine Wocks, Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry; and
  • Spirit Achiever. Patricia Martin, Team Walkaholics, Facilities Management.

World Competition recipient

  • Where in the World Photo Contest. Michelle Steeper, Team Pounders’ Pack, Faculty of Health Sciences.