‘Freelator’ scores student entrepreneurs a victory

A mobility aid that offers seniors a safe, comfortable way to exercise took top honours at the annual Business 2257 Feasibility Study Competition.

First Law Mobility – comprised of Ivey Business School students Saksham Chaudrhy, Teddy Kassa, Ryley Mehta, Melissa Shang, Teimur Siddiqui, Nick Wellner and Jasmine Yang – won for The Freelator.

A large portion of elderly patients do not get adequate exercise, leading to a decreased quality of life. Most require supervision to walk and there is a shortage of healthcare workers to meet this demand.

The Freelator is a mobility aid which includes a harness to promote safe and comfortable exercise. Its design is a hybrid between a rollator (four-wheeled walker) and a baby walker. The affixed harness prevents users from falling, if they let go or their legs give out. This unique safety feature will empower elderly patients to reclaim some of their independence and exercise without the need for supervision, ultimately increasing the frequency of mobility among its users.

Held annually, the Business 2257 Feasibility Study Competition presents an opportunity for Ivey students to forge business development skills through applying academic knowledge to real-life experience. Winners are awarded The Robert G. Siskind Entrepreneurial Award and each member of the winning group receives a medal as well as a monetary award.

Three groups were selected to advance to the finalist round, held at the end of March.