Computer network outage scheduled for Sunday

Computer network services will be interrupted in several campus buildings early Sunday morning while scheduled maintenance takes place.

During the interruption, some emergency ‘blue phones’ – the standalone campus phone booths marked ‘EMERGENCY’ – will be out of service. Phones temporarily unavailable for use will be marked by signs until they are back in service.

Elevators in some buildings will also be out of service and will be marked with signs.

The outage is planned for 3-10 a.m. Sunday while routine maintenance takes place, according to Western Technology Services (WTS).

The interruption will affect mostly buildings in the campus core – including University Community Centre, D.B. Weldon Library, the Social Science Centre, Thames Hall, the International and Graduate Services Building, Music Building and Talbot College.

Network services in other facilities may be down temporarily.

Computer services at Community Police Services, including radio and dispatch, will continue to operate normally.

Key-card access to buildings will be uninterrupted.

On map above, highlighted yellow areas represent core affected services.