Tuning into Canadian music artists

Read. Watch. Listen. introduces you to the personal side of our faculty, staff and alumni. Participants are asked to answer three simple questions about their reading, viewing and listening habits – what one book or newspaper/magazine article is grabbing your attention; what one movie or television show has caught your eye; and what album/song, podcast or radio show are you lending an ear to.

Carolyn Young is Director of Western Continuing Studies.

Today, she takes a turn on Read. Watch. Listen.

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My reading choices are random ranging far and wide based on reviews, recommendations and book covers. Recently, I came across a fascinating novel about the origin of our species – The Last Neanderthal by Claire Cameron. Through the story of a female, one of the last of her kind, Cameron explores how our human relatives coexisted in the final days before Neanderthals disappeared.


A few months ago I saw Three Identical Strangers, a documentary about triplets who were separated at birth and met in their late teens. This joyful reunion ends up becoming a tragedy when they and their parents discover that they were part of an experiment. A profound lesson in research ethics gone wrong.


I am a dedicated CBC Radio 2 listener. From Tempo and Drive, to Afterdark and Vinyl Tap, I enjoy the diverse focus on Canadian artists in music. While listening to nominees for the 2018 Polaris Music Prize, I heard about and recommend Lido Pimienta, whose album La Papessa won the 2017 Polaris Music Prize.

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