Anti-theft initiative puts bikes in better view

You’ve heard the old adage ‘lock it or lose it.’ But in a recent report on reducing bike crime, where you lock your bike up can actually make a difference, too.

Starting this summer, Campus Community Police Service (CCPS) and Facilities Management will begin moving and consolidating bike racks as some existing, low-density bike parking areas scattered across campus can pose an increase in risk.

“The first step is taking inventory of Western’s bike racks,” said Katie Thomas, CCPS Patrol Sergeant. “We’ve identified several poorly lit locations out of range of campus cameras – that makes for favourable conditions for would-be bike thieves.”

The new racks will be located in two areas:

  1. A stretch along Oxford Drive in front of Stevenson Hall and Lawson Hall. The high-traffic area is well-lit during the evening and fairly visible from most angles. There are already several racks along Oxford Drive and increasing the density will make the site more difficult for thieves to quietly remove bikes; and
  2. Concrete Beach along the windows outside the Centre Spot cafeteria. The overhang provides some protection from the elements and is well lit. Similar to the location along Oxford Drive, the area is open and visible from a distance with.

Along with moving the racks, Campus Police reminds cyclists to help lower their risk of theft.

“Get a good lock,” Thomas said. “A cable lock alone is insufficient and is considered an easy target by thieves.”