Construction to impact parking across campus

Facilities Management // Special to Western NewsPreparation for the new building BioMedical Research Facility will impact 40 spots in the Medical Science parking lot and require nearby lots to accommodate the volume.

Early construction work to support the new Biomedical Research Facility will lead to a reduction in spaces in the Medical Science parking lot and a cascade of parking changes, Facilities Management officials announced today.

Starting as soon as Oct. 1, up to 40 parking spots in the Medical Science lot will be lost as utilities and services are prepared for the new Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry building. The work will also result in a closure of the pathway between the Medical Science lot and the Siebens lot, requiring pedestrians to walk around the exterior of the building.

During construction, the Medical Science lot will only be available to registered clinical patients and accessible permit holders. Overflow parking for the clinic patients will be directed to the Social Science lot. The 12 pay-and-display visitor spaces near the entrance of the lot will be changed to reserved parking for visiting clinicians.

Mark Emerick, Manager (Parking & Visitors Services), said the moves in the Medical Science and Social Science lots will cascade visitor parking to other locations on campus, including the Support Services Building and a newly reconfigured Springett lot.

To accommodate an overall increased need for visitor parking on campus and also as a direct result of the overflow caused by the new medical building, the Springett lot has added visitor parking.

Emerick said new buildings and landscape projects are reducing spaces in the core of campus with parking continuing to be reassigned to the perimeter. By adding new visitor spots, campus is better positioned to host events and continue to be an inviting destination for guests.

This week, Springett will feature 86 new pay-and-display and Honk Mobile Tap spaces for visitors along the south and east edges of the lot.

There will be minimal impact to reserved permit holders as they will continue to have a spot in Springett, Emerick said. On “rare occasions,” grey permit holders may be encouraged to use South Valley as the closest overflow lot.