Study participants sought

Study participants are being sought for research on exercise and colon cancer.

Kinesiology PhD student Erin McGowan, who is studying Exercise and Health Psychology, has planned a one-year long study designed to increase exercise and physical activity behaviour in relatives of colon cancer patients.

Eligible participants are:

* A first- or a second-degree relative of a colon cancer patient

* Between the ages of 18 and 60 years

* Healthy to exercise

* Currently inactive (not exercising regularly- less than twice a week)

The study contains three phases which involve the completion of questionnaires, a lab-based exercise program with fitness testing and body scans, and transition to a home-based exercise program, also with body scans and fitness testing, as well as use of activity sensors.

Potential candidates should contact Erin McGowan at or 519-661-3211.