Ivey students to compete for national entrepreneurial award

Two Richard Ivey School of Business students are competing in a national entrepreneurial competition in Ottawa today (March 30) after winning first place and an $8,000-prize for their idea help non-profit groups solicit donations.


Simon Choy and Charles Dieu, both in their final year at Ivey, overcame stiff competition at the local level for the chance to compete for the National Nicol Award. ConnectAd, their winning concept, aims to improve the ability of nonprofits to connect with potential donors. The two students triumphed over 14 other entrants.


Both Choy and Dieu are excited to be heading to Ottawa for the National Award.


“Winning the Nicol Competition at Ivey has been a motivating, learning and positive experience. Not only has it provided us with seed capital, but also has helped improve on our concept and given us confidence that we are on the right path. During a time in school when there’s such a heavy focus on recruiting, having that confidence has made it easier to choose entrepreneurship,” says Choy.


The Nicol Entrepreneurial Award, launched in 1997, is unique for its emphasis on the value of the entrepreneurial spirit and the key role it plays in the success of a business. It attracts the brightest students from multiple disciplines to encourage the development of the next generation of entrepreneurs who will drive the Canadian economy.


No other business award offers as true-to-life an experience or is as inclusive as the Nicol Entrepreneurial Award, which welcomes entries from any undergraduate student with a solid business idea, from any program.


Teams from 14 of Canada’s top universities compete locally for cash prizes and the opportunity to be chosen by the national selection judges to be one of six finalists to go head-to-head at the National Award Gala for the National Nicol Award.


The award will be presented during the 6th Annual Nicol Entrepreneurial Award Gala on Tuesday, March 30 at the Fairmont Chateau Laurier hotel in Ottawa. Richard L’Abbé, co-founder and former CEO of Med-Eng Systems Inc., is the keynote speaker at the event.