Author of ‘Room’ to speak

Emma Donoghue, author of the highly acclaimed novel Room, will be at Brescia University College May 19 to discuss motherhood both in life and in her works.

The award-winning author of Slammerkin and Hood, Donoghue will be speaking as part of the Sophia Series lectures, presented by The Circle Women’s Centre.  The event will be held at 7:30 p.m. in the auditorium of the St. James building at Brescia.

In 2010, Room became an instant bestseller, winning numerous awards and receiving international praise, including being shortlisted for the prestigious Man Booker Prize. Narrated entirely by five-year-old Jack, who is held captive in a room with his Ma, the story illustrates the strength of the parent-child bond and mother-love as sacrifice and salvation, even in the most desperate situations.

It is no wonder Donoghue can incorporate the theme of family and more specifically, motherhood, into her works. She was born in Ireland as the youngest of eight siblings. In 1998 she settled in London, Ont., for “love,” she admits. Donoghue can sincerely write about motherhood, as her experiences raising her eight-year-old son, Finn, and three-year-old daughter, Una, provided her with a great deal of inspiration.

“I suppose the theme (of motherhood, in Room) drew me irresistibly because I have two small children. In my experience, the bond between mother and newborn creates a tiny, cozy world that gradually relaxes its magic to let the rest of the world in,” Donoghue explains. “But motherhood – even under ideal circumstances – has elements of nightmare as well as fairytale, sci-fi, and realism. It’s a trip like no other, and it can occasionally feel like a locked room.”

As a prominent writer who never shies away from themes of female empowerment in her works, she was a natural choice for The Circle – a centre for women’s spirituality and activism – to invite for this Sophia Series lecture.

The Sophia Series provides Brescia students and the London community the opportunity to hear the wisdom of extraordinary women who boldly engage in our current cultural experience, and bring positive transformation to our rapidly changing world.

Donoghue’s books will be available for purchase and can be signed at the end of the lecture.

Admission is by donation and there will be free parking.