Exhibit focuses on Egyptian revolution

As Egypt welcomes a ‘new dawn,’ the Egyptian Canadian Association of Ontario (ECAO) has organized “Walk Like an Egyptian: An Exhibit on the Egyptian Revolution,” set for 1-5 p.m. Saturday, May 28 at the Central London Public Library, 251 Dundas St. The exhibit will not only explore the civilization and history of Egypt, but also showcase, using a chronological multimedia tour, footage from Egyptian revolutionaries as they protested for social justice, freedom and democracy.

“After the 25th of January Egyptian revolution, Egyptians all over the world have felt a great sense of pride. For many Egyptians, this was the first time to smell the breath of freedom,” says University of Western Ontario civil engineering professor Ashraf El Damatty, who along with 40 other area Egyptians organized this exhibit. “The Egyptian community in London wanted to showcase and document the revolution and decided to organize an exhibit that will not only be displayed in London, but also will be toured around Canada.”

Also featured at the event will be Egyptian music, a photo booth, pharaonic costumes and food. Many members of the Egyptian community will be in attendance to share their experiences and answer questions.

“The Egyptian Revolution is a landmark in the history of mankind. …,” El Damatty says. “I feel it is important that Canadians, in general, and the Western community, in particular, become informed about the circumstances that triggered this revolution, the details of the revolution and the insightful perspectives in Egypt. The exhibit will provide them with this opportunity.”